Wherever you are, AirPainter allows you to leave or read hand-written messages on the air.
You can easily locate friends in a big stadium when you see "I am here!"
You even hide a treasure only you can find it from the riddle message!

* Leave written messages on the air
* Read messages from the air

2010/10/15 v2.4.7
* Fix Map mode layout
* Add sorting options

2010/9/24 v2.4.6
* Auto-scroll when message too long

2010/7/1 v2.4.3
* Fix message length bug
* Add message zoom-in function

2010/6/11 v2.2.3
* Backup sign information at SD card
* Move cache data to SD card

2010/5/24 v2.2.1
* Support install to SD card (only Android 2.2)

2010/4/2 v2.0.0
* Fix augmented reality renderer
* Support multi-resolutions screen

2010/3/10 v1.6.6 & v1.2.4
* Adjust the effect of message distance

2009/12/04 v1.6.2 & v1.2.0
* Add sign certification
* Add favors to set function (must have a sign certification)

How to use (html document)

Air of the World (jpeg image)

Can't get AirPainter from Android Market? Try follow link on your phone.

Downlad AirPainter APK v2.4.7 (for Android 1.5 - 2.2)